Who we are

Dr James Hall BDS MDS

– Prosthodontist

Who is James Hall?

James Hall is a registered Specialist Dentist in Prosthodontics who has been in private dental practice for 25 years. He has been working in London and Northern Ireland since 2006 in practices specialising in implants and complex dentistry including full dentures. He continues working there part time.

He has now opened his own rooms at Vara De Rey 22, Ibiza.


What does he do?

James specialises in assessing your existing teeth, gums and jawbones, managing you through the transition to replacement teeth with implant-supported dentures, crowns and bridges. James is a master clinician at making dentures that fit comfortably. He is an expert at making teeth look like they are your own, restoring youthful looks and beautiful smiles. James is equally experienced at placing dental implants and fitting teeth on them that suit your face and personality. Using your own good natural teeth, he can create combinations of teeth and implant-supported teeth that make your mouth like new.

Where does he come from?

Dr Hall comes from New Zealand where he completed his first 5-year dental degree in 1989 and his second 3-year Masters Degree in 2005.

He was awarded the Young Prosthodontist Award 2005 with Merit by the International College of Prosthodontists for his published research: Immediately Restored, Single-Tapered Implants in the Anterior Maxilla: Prosthodontic and Aesthetic Outcomes After 1 Year (replacing teeth on the day they are removed with dental implant supported teeth.)

He is registered in New Zealand, the UK and Spain.

You can read the article here:


When can he see patients?

Dr Hall will see you entirely at your convenience, and often within days of your referral or first contact. Your treatment schedule will be tailored to you and the time you have available.

He is also happy to see self-referred patients.

Depending on your needs, treatment can begin and be completed on the same day, within a few days, or over longer periods if required. For more complex treatments, you may need longer time periods.

Apart from usual Monday to Friday, Dr Hall has flexible business hours, including siesta, evenings and weekends if necessary.

“Apart from my specialty as a prosthodontist, what also distinguishes me from other dentists is that you will always receive undivided and meticulous attention. And absolutely on your terms.”

Sedation is available for anxious patients or for long complex treatments. Please tell reception if you are in pain or have suffered trauma.

Our consulting rooms have your discretion and privacy in mind at all times.

Dr Johanna Metz BDS

– General Dentist

For something as important as your teeth, it’s vital to choose a skilled and experienced practitioner who will achieve the very best results for you.

Dr Johanna Metz is both skilled and experienced. Appointments are available now in her rooms in the Vara de Rey, Ibiza Town, where she has a select word-of-mouth clientele.


Having lived and worked in the UK and New Zealand for many years as a dentist and aesthetic medicine practitioner, she and her family moved to Ibiza in 2012.

Johanna has extensive training and experience in many aesthetic treatment options.

Dentistry today means aesthetics are as much a priority as function.


There’s a whole lot of psychology and self-analysis going on so treatments have to be done perfectly.  Patient comfort is also a big issue, and being able to walk away happy with the result is a must.


Johanna believes that we need to look after the inside, just as much as the outside, and the mind as much as the body – eat a nutritionally balanced diet, sleep well, meditate, watch the sunrises and the sunsets, dance, sing and keep great company.
Great skin comes from a well-balanced life.

Johanna is registered by the Balearic Council of Dentists (2015) The British General Dental Council (1991) and the New Zealand Dental Council (1989).